General Manager, Founder & CTO

(M.Sc.) Sami A. Asaker

Holding a M.Sc. degree in information system technology from the TUD. Recognizing a major gap between public school preparation and higher learning institutes, Sami quickly grasped the relevance and importance of providing young generations with a simpler way to learn coding.

Founder & Visionary

Michaela Sorrentino

Transformation is my passion. Bringing simplification and structure to education is my signature strength. Collaborating with children to support them through change by breaking things down into simple, and executable steps is my approach to helping kids learn with consistent growth and results.

Lead Ed-Tech Developer

David Cauthers

David M. Cauthers is a Software Developer at Project Gnosis building the visions of today into the world of tomorrow. He graduated from the University of Darmstadt with a degree in Computer Science.During this period he lead classes of international students to prepare them for their Masters Degree.