Making space for corporate social and educational responsibility
Within the broad scope of the tech industry there is an absolute shortage of effective skill sets available. Not even the giant automotive, big pharma, or AI industries are an exception to this fast growing dilemma. The question is how and at what level can this issue be resolved?

Focusing exclusively on product development and profit margins is a major corporate blind spot. Provision in the budget must include social and vocational space for bigger picture needs in order to sustain a global market driven by technical skill demands. Refusal to critically self-examine has created an ever expanding bubble of denial within the industry carrying the potential to bring companies to their knees in spite of the obvious warning signs being presented for quite some time now.

Statistical and comparative analysis breakdown of the costs incurred to educate an adult versus a school aged child makes it clear that investing in education downstream (public education) will guarantee the survival and proliferation of your industry. Can anyone really put a price on that? We can. Investing as little as 2500€ is enough to educate up to 15 future employees per school year.

History has demonstrated time and time again when the technology of any society exceeds the intelligence of its collective it is a fact there is only a matter of time before the system will collapse in on itself. The time for action is now. Investing in this research program is the most effective way to resolve an issue impacting us all.

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