We Educate The Future

We Educate The Future

digital literacy solutions for school aged kids K-12

  • Over 232 Students
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We created an intelligent, interactive method of technical education to support school aged kids and their educators develop fluid and enriched technical literacy, social, and emotional intelligence skills. We are a dedicated research and global content development team. We create Ed Tech courses to nurture and enhance the analytic and emotional intelligence in school aged children from Kindergarten to grade 12.

We are ambassadors for knowledge (gnosis). We develop curricula to empower future generations to be the drivers of technology instead of being passively interfaced with it. Human innovation depends on the knowledge 'gnosis' we pass on to the younger generations.

We use an evidence based and blended learning approach vital for building effective methods to enhance critical thinking skills in students.

The internet of things impacts the world collectively as well as individually. We are always happy to collaborate, share ideas, and create projects to support raising awareness about the value Ed Tech brings to kids. Educators and students need support to navigate their way in a world driven by technology.

<p><h3>Become an Educator</h3></p>

Become an Educator

Teach what you love. At Project Gnosis, we understand how much time, effort and research it takes to create a good lesson plan. We know teachers need support too. We place great value on taking a holistic approach to meet the needs of both students and teachers alike.  If you are looking to integrate intelligent Ed Tech courses in your school, Project Gnosis GmbH is the company for you.

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