Über uns


Our Philosophy

It takes a village to raise a child. We believe in leading by example, and hope that others will support us by doing the same. Our motto: Think It. Learn It. Create It. The only thing holding us back from living the life we want is our imaginations and a lack of education. We are living in a digital renaissance and it’s only a matter of time for a new paradigm shift to occur because of it. The impact modern technology has on human evolution is every bit as influential as the printing press was when it was first introduced during the 15th Century. Realized or not, human beings have been tech driven creatures since the days cave dwellers first discovered the benefits of fire. Today most of us would agree the universal fuel driving technology is coding. Coding is the language of human innovation and development. The internet of things is the platform that provides us with the opportunity to participate consciously in our own evolution..


Gnosis (γνῶσις)

Project Gnosis is a grass roots organization looking to provide today’s generation of students with the knowledge necessary to build a better tomorrow. At Project Gnosis we understand what it takes to create change by thinking outside of the box.

Get To Know Our Courses

We created an intelligent, interactive method of technical education to support school aged kids and their educators develop fluid and enriched technical literacy skills. We are a dedicated research and global content development team. We create Ed Tech courses to nurture and enhance the analytic development of school aged children from Kindergarten through to grade 12. The fundamentals for Ed Tech curricula extend far beyond learning to code: We include lessons in hands on topics such as robotics, drone tech, repair and construction.
Because we understand that -with great power comes great responsibility-, we have also a wide range of courses covering subjects such as the ethics and philosophy of tech, history, the science of big data storage, the benefit of digitization, operating systems, security, computer theory and history, etc. We invest all our time and energy creating holistic easy to teach and learn programs. We considers the learning curves and needs of both students and educators alike. Whatever your Ed Tech needs are, we have the means to create it for you as well.
Project Gnosis programs are built to inspire and motivate students out of being passively interfaced with technology and into becoming the drivers behind it. We know it takes a village to raise a child. Providing excellence in Ed Tech development is our way of empowering future generations being fueled by a new age digital paradigm. Our learning methods are meant to be a hands on, learn by doing experience rooted in part, in a sensorial method of education known as the Montessori method. We also believe the modern learning platform to also be one of the best systems for effective learning outcomes in children now living in a world driven by technology.
The Project Gnosis philosophy is based on four major principals:

It takes a village to raise a child.
Education is a basic human right.
Give a child a fish, feed them for a day. Teach a child to fish, feed them for life.
With great power, comes great responsibility.