I Gnosis.
We created an intelligent, interactive method of technical education to support school aged kids and their educators develop fluid and enriched technical literacy skills. We are dedicated research and global content development team. We create Ed Tech courses to nurture and enhance the analytic development of school aged children from Kindergarten through to grade 12.
I Think.
We are dedicated ambassadors for knowledge. We develop curricula to empower future generations to be the drivers of technology instead of being passively interfacing with it. Human evolution depends on the knowledge -gnosis- we pass on the youngest generations.

I Learn.
We use the best methods to build strong analytic and ciritcal thinking skills through a variety of mediums. We believe in learning by doing, social development through group projects as well as quieter individual time to learn. We strive to maintain the right balance between screen time, hands on learning, individual and group learning.
I Create.
The internet of things impacts the world collectively as well as individually. We are always happy to collaborate, share ideas, and create projects to support raising awareness about the value education brings to kids. Especially now that they must navigate their way in a world driven by technology.

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Michaela Sorrentino
Founder & CEO
Transformation is my passion. Bringing simplification and structure to education is my signature strength. Collaborating with children to support them through change by breaking things down into simple, and executable steps is my approach to helping kids learn with consistent growth and results.
Sami Asaker
Founder & CTO
Holding a M.Sc. degree in information system technology from the TUD. Recognizing a major gap between public school preparation and higher learning institutes, Sami quickly grasped the relevance and importance of providing young generations with a simpler way to learn coding.

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Fasanenweg 6, 64686 Lautertal
Sami Asaker: +49 176 57729907
Michaela Sorrentino: +49 152 56657036